Roman Schmidt

Roman Schmidt

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First Name * Roman
Last Name * Schmidt
Username * CGRoman
Country * United States
City San Francisco
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman


Current Position VFX Technical Director
Current Company Industrial Light & Magic




VES member Roman Schmidt was Division VFX Supervisor for productions like 'Star Trek - Into Darkness' and 'After Earth'. He worked as cameraassistent between 1997-99, then went on as a digital artist in the games and realtime applications field. In 1999 he began to study animation at the academy for film and television HFF in Potsdam-Babelsberg. Working with computational fluid dynamics software for visual effects led him to fx houses like ScanlineVFX and Industrial Light & Magic using Flowline or PhysBam. Experienced working on feature shows such as 'The Chronicles Of Narnia', '2012', 'The Last Airbender', 'Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides', 'Battleship' and 'Star Trek - Into Darkness', his skill set today including creative leadership of crews with up to 50 members shows his dedication to high quality and professionalism. Roman came back to the bay area in 2013 to work with Industrial Light & Magic.